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Purple Bitch Bio

purple bitch is a professional webcam model, of Czech origin, her name is Taty, nadida on December 25, 1995.

She describes herself as a girl who loves animals, being her animal the raccoons, having one as a pet.

Purple bitch vices:

This sexy camgirl leads a life away from alcohol, and much more removed from the cigar, for which time suffered some health complications.
Although she has no vices, this girl is a fanatic of getting tattooed, having her beautiful body adorned with various tattoos.


Taty loves animes, manga, comics, Marvel, series, cartoons and cosplay.
She usually does a little fan / ero cosplay because she is not a professional cosplayer.
He loves to make a lot of content for his viewers and followers.
She is not a player, but she believes that maybe when I was an older woman I started playing video games a lot.


Purple Bitch studio hairdresser, but his exhibitionism won and became a professional camgirl.

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