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The rise of live erotic cameras is in full growth, and thousands of girls are hogging public willing to pay to see their live shows, so now is the right time to become a professional camgirl and earn unlimited money.

One of the first steps to become a professional camgirl, is to subscribe to one of the most popular camera companies. in the following link we leave the form for you to register.

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become a cam model

Equipment needed for a webcam transmission

Now that you have signed up as a camgirl, you have to have at your disposal at least the basic equipment.

Preferably we recommend that you use a Windows PC, since most of the web camera software is compatible only with windows, but if you only have one MAC, you have the option to install a Windows emulator.
In a new publication we will talk about some of the most important software that you must have installed on your PC.

The faster your internet service, the more stable and better quality your webcam presentations will be, the optimal speed for a good transmission is 2 MB, and preferably do not share your internet line with anyone else.

A high definition webcam is a necessity, since you need to have clear images, and although the laptop web is high definition, that is not enough, since you need to place the camera in positions that give you good shots.

A room must meet the following characteristics:
Adequate lighting
Order and cleaning
Decoration according to your personality
In a new publication we will give you more tips on how to build your first room.

Other optional equipment:

Clothing and lingerie: you must have at your disposal a variety of costumes to make your presentation much more interesting, a good idea with the cosplays of series and popular characters.
Tight leggings, lycra, pantyhose and sexy panties should not miss, and have a variety of them so that your presentations do not look repetitive.

Sex toy: the more sex toys you have, the more interesting and exciting your presentations will be.

Wireless keyboard and mouse: extremely important, so your presentation is not static in one place.

Important data of the webcam model work.

Payment methods:
The payment methods vary from one network to another, it is always advisable to read the terms before registering to earn money as a webcam.
Generally you must have an account in paypal, paxum and a bank account in a bank that allows international transfers.

You must keep in mind that you will not have a fixed income, there are several factors that determine the amount of money you can earn as a webcam model, but some of the main factors are: Language, Time you spend, and the time you spend in the industry
The more public you have, the bigger your income will be, and getting a large audience can take you about 2 months.

Marketing tools:
Social networks like instagram and twitter will be your best allies. offers you spaces to promote your webcam completely free, you just have to give us videos and exclusive photographs to give you publicity in our sidebar and other available spaces.



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