My name is Julia and I’m happy to meet you!
I like camming and have fun with my friends!

In my room you may expect to see sexy tease, friendly chat and silly stuff. I’m not comfortable to show you my kitty in public ( excluding accidental peeks), tho, I fell free myself to do naughty things in my pass/crazy ticket shows.

I’m open-mind person, so I love try something new. I have a Master of science degree in physics ( Plasma technology), so I’m kinda smart. I dont like spend money for unnecessary things, so I’m economic. I have the cat Kusya. He is really crazy boy, but I love him so much!

I love traveling. Right now I’m in my big Asian trip. Also I dream about visiting panda center in China, salt lake in Bolivia, green fields in Ireland and meet happy people in Iceland. I’m crazy about ocean… Ocean and sun is almost all I need for happy.