What is anal plug and how to use it?

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Anal plug

If you are a newbie watching porn, you probably wonder what is an anal plug, although it is also very likely that you have already seen it in some of our anal sex videos and you do not know what it is called.

Today we are going to teach you that, presumably it is an anal plug, as it is and the importance of using it when you start in the practice of anal sex.

What is an Anal plug?

An anal plug is an erotic toy that is used by people who enjoy anal sex and can be used when you masturbate, or when you are with your partner, can also be used by gentlemen and not exactly homosexuals.
This artifact of pleasure has a thin tip, and this serves to achieve a smooth penetration and so that it slowly dilates the anus, while you are getting into the toy you will go feeling it wider, do not worry, it is to make you feel richer, these Toys are small and have a diameter of up to 4 centimeters, but you can find them in longer and thicker presentations, in case you like strong emotions.

In the bottom part you have a plug or a ring at the end of the plug that serves to manipulate the toy and also so that it does not get stuck inside the anus.

Some of these toys have a vibrator included so that you can have a wonderful time.

The advantage of this naughty toy is that it is smaller and more discreet than a vibrator

Believe me, when you use it you will fall in love with this fantastic toy.

How to correctly use a plug?

It is important that you choose the size well, if you are a novice in anal sex, it is better to start with small sizes, for as long as you get used to it.
Before introducing it inside, it is important that you use water-based lubricant, this should never be forgotten since the anus does not have any kind of natural lubrication.


If you use it with your partner and want to try anal sex, this toy is highly recommended for the previous game, since it allows you to expand the sphincter.

If you use it with a girl, it is not advisable to introduce it in the anus and put it in the pussy, since you can pass intestinal bacteria to the vagina, although it also works well for the vagina, it is better not to alternate its use.

After using it, you have to wash it with neutral soap and store it in a cover to avoid dangers.

This toy is for personal use, and you should not share it with other people, to prevent the contagion of diseases.


Have you used an anal plug? … Leave us your comments on this pleasant sex toy.

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